Python Program to Check Odd Even Number

Python Program to Check Odd Even Number - Hi coders. Today, we will explore how to create a Python program to check odd even number. However, don't hesitate to ask any questions through the comment section below. So, let's see how the code works. Enjoy!

Test Case

Test #1
Input Number : 5
5 is an Odd Number.

Test #2
Input Number : 10
10 is an Even Number.

Source Code

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number = int(input("Input Number : "))
    print(number, "is an Even Number.")
    print(number, "is an Odd Number.")

Now that you've seen how the code works, I hope this tutorial has provided a clear understanding about this topic by using Python. With this knowledge, you can explore more programming concepts and create other fascinating programs. Happy coding and keep on learning on your programming journey!

Feel free to share this knowledge with others. See you in the next post!

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